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Advanced Level PMP Mock Questions

2021 Advanced PMP Exam Simulator: Boost your confidence and proficiency before taking the PMP certification exam.

This book offers a simulation of the updated 2021 PMP exam based on the PMBOK 7th Edition, PMBOK 6th Edition, and The Agile Practice Guide, providing 180 highly realistic mock questions to help you test your understanding of project management knowledge areas & approaches.

This practice test is created to prepare you for the real PMP Exam, identifying any knowledge gaps and clearing any hard-to-understand concepts.

This simulator involves challenging, scenario-based questions, with detailed explanations, as well as corresponding references. Questions include multiple-choice, multiple-selection, matching, graphs, drag & drop, hotspot, and fill in the blanks.

This set of practice questions covers all three performance domains: People, Process, and Business environments as well as Predictive, Agile, and Hybrid approaches, using real-life situations to prepare you not only for the exam but also for your future career. 

After launching our 2021 Mock Practice Tests book, many PMP aspirants were continuously reaching out for more practice questions and this is how this book came to light. This simulator was created with the purpose of fulfilling the needs of those who want to ensure that they are perfectly prepared for the PMP exam.

Our recommendations to get the most out of this Simulator:

  • Before using this simulator, make sure you go over your preparation material and reference books, especially the PMBOK 7th and 6th editions as well as the Agile Practice Guide. 

  • After answering the questions, review the provided explanations and examine your wrong answers to understand the reasoning behind every question. 

  • While practicing, set up a timer to assess your speed.

You can determine how prepared you are to take the PMP exam based on your score on this simulator:

  • Less than 50%: You are not prepared enough. It’s highly recommended to thoroughly go through your studying materials again.

  • Between 50% and 60%: You are still not there yet. It’s recommended that you concentrate on your knowledge gaps and retake your practice tests. 

  • Between 60% and 70%: You are almost there. If you still have time before the exam date, you can use it for more practice.

  • Between 70% and 80%: You’re prepared! You have a good chance now to pass the exam.

  • More than 80%: You are perfectly prepared. With such a score, you’re more likely to hit above target in all domains!

Please note that this simulator doesn't guarantee your success in the PMP exam, nothing does, but it will definitely increase the odds of your success, your readiness, and your confidence level. Your score in this simulator will not determine your PMP exam score; It is rather aimed to identify your knowledge gaps.

Every PMP aspirant needs a support community, and that’s what we provide for you! For any mentoring or coaching needs, schedule a Free call on our website.

For further support, join our Facebook group.

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  • Based on the PMBOK 7th Edition, PMBOK 6th Edition, and The Agile Practice Guide.
  • Size1.53 MB
  • Length163 pages


Advanced Level PMP Mock Questions

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